Meet Dr. Phil Meyers

Dr Phil Meyers

Wholestic Energy Medicine Practitioner

Greetings! I have spent my life studying and mastering the healing arts of Exercise Science, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic , Functional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Mind Body Medicine and learning where their similarities overlapped and how to combine them.

It is my belief that there is not one singular modality that truly has the answers to human health and wellness, but when used synergistically, can provide us a much fuller picture of how to take care of the human body.

My goal and passion is to bring to you the results of theses SELF-EMPOWERING Arts through Physical, Nutritional and Emotional Mastery of your life.  A life that is able to Transform sickness and ill-health into a Life that expresses a Nervous system,  Gut system and Immune system that is always supporting you in growth and abundant vitality