Physical- 101

Oct 26, 2020 | Thrive

Our bodies are miraculous. Isn’t it amazing how athletes use their bodies and push the boundaries of what we think is possible? Each generation out-performs the last, introducing new records that were previously thought impossible. I want to challenge you to consider that YOUR BODY is no less miraculous. And while you may never want to win a world record, your body has the same potential as the athletes you admire. I invite you to reconsider what you may have learned about genetics and DNA and challenge any and all limitations. The new science is showing us without a shadow of a doubt that our state of health is far more impacted by our behaviors than our inheritance. That means we have the power to change it.

When it comes to your physical mastery, the first key concept I want to share with you here is that our bodies take the shape of our behaviors over time. We literally become what we do. Our muscle tone, our bones, our tendons and ligaments, are all only as strong (or weak) as our behaviors stimulate them to be.

So if we are sitting all day, our bodies do no more than is required to sit. In reality, you will probably notice that most people hunch and round over time not even meeting the demands needed to sit in a healthy way. That is because gravity is always acting on our bodies, and without expansion, we will collapse. No one wants that! So what do we do?

When it comes to mastering the physical aspect of our bodies, MOVEMENT is key.

I’d like you to imagine a child. Do you notice how preoccupied they are with reaching out and exploring their environment. They live  in a near constant state of expansion and growth.  They challenge themselves because they have to in order to connect with the world. This is how they learn to crawl, and walk, and connect with the world.

We grow up, get a job, and very often stop challenging ourselves in any physical way. Many of us are so exhausted, and so fatigued that we have a hard time even finding the motivation to move after a long day. We do our best to adopt an exercise program but most of us never get the long-term results we seek, and usually stop out of boredom or frustration.

A child is curious, they are an explorer. They push themselves and they play. Have you noticed how much children run, and skip, and interact with their environment without anyone instructing them to do so? The only difference between that child, and most of us, is that we stopped. I want to challenge you to consider that the natural state of that child is also your natural state.

We often cite “Aging” or “Getting Old” as the reason for getting weaker, but studies have shown over and over that our behavior dictates our physical condition much more than anything. Being in a de-conditioned mind and body is so accepted in our society that it has become NORMAL.  When it comes to mastering the physical, we must get in touch with our bodies and get the Energy to move again.