Pillars of Health

Oct 26, 2020 | Thrive

My mission is to inspire and educate you in becoming even more of an independent and empowered human being. The program goes deep into all the mind/body connections.  This is truly a Wholistic Regenerative program for your entire being,  Physically, Nutritionally, and Emotionally.

You will experience that the Gut-Brain connection is one of the most important processes of a healthy system. If the gut-brain connection is out of sync or the digestive system is compromised, then nutrition is wasted. The body will become stiff and fatigued extremely easily.

Over your lifetime, the body and mind got out of sync with your healing potential from Chronic responses to outside stimulus and those adaptations and imbalances must be ReSet and ReWired.  When building up this network you will see improvement in overall strength and ability to eliminate waste and utilize nutrition.

The capacity to ReGenerate and use your energy is a crucial part of an optimal system. More than ever before it is clear that our bodies take the shape of our behaviors. Movement, stretching, and putting the body into an expansive mode is key to taking advantage of all the other pillars and transforming yourself. We will put together a fitness re-education protocol to strengthen and empower your body.

Physically this relates to your body and mind having the fuel to express a vitalistic life.  A life that has the ability to move freely through the world with Energy, Strength, Agility and Flexibility.

Nutritional relates to your body’s internal ability to nourish and power itself. including the critical abilities responsible for the Brain Chemistry, hormone production, the ability to assimilate, digest and distribute nutrients. And the ability to process and eliminate waste through the organs like the liver , kidneys, lymph, colon and lungs.

And Emotional, Perhaps the most powerful aspect, because we have direct access to it, and can influence it in a single moment. However, most of us have never been trained to cultivate a state of energy and flow that supports this. We inherit limiting beliefs from our families and cultures that many of us struggle with all our lives to break free from.