Strength of the nervous system

Oct 25, 2020 | Thrive

When you look at the nervous system from the holistic perspective you can see how amazingly balanced the entire system is.  It is full of the essential nutrients that feeds all the communication networks of the body. From the head all the way to your pelvis, and from the brain to all the parts of the body.  It is a system of perfect balance and perfect organization.

The nervous system is bio-electric.  Both chemical and electrical. A lot like one could imagine a lightning bolt moving through water.

It has been discovered that there is the same “Bio-electricity controlling gene expression and the patterns of where genes are expressed”.

For example when scientist took an immune cell or a Cancer cell and zapped it with a specific bioelectrical signal. They were able to change how that cell or system responded.

Through the  interaction of your nervous system’s electrical signals, Neurotransmitters, like Serotonin are controlled by working with these Bio-electrical signals.  By working with and on the body. You are able to attune your body with the frequencies that strengthen your nervous system.  As you are strengthening theses frequencies and systems of the body you are training your body to move in growth and regeneration more then you are into De-Generation Site1

The benefits of a healthy nervous system being: Strong cardiovascular system, increased time between heart beats, faster healing, increased learning, general feeling of wellbeing, increased circulation and heart power, increased lung capacity, increased kidney and colon health, increased core strength and increased focus,  memory and relaxation.

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