The Pillars of Health

The Brain-Heart-Gut-Network is the most important system for the Mind and Body. If this network is out of sync or compromised, then nutrition is wasted, waste accumulates and the organs, glands, brain power and muscles become weak, and fatigue extremely easily.  

Movement, activation, and integration of Healing techniques in our daily life is key to taking advantage of all the pillars to transform, re-educate, strengthen and empower your Body.

Our wellbeing depends on the three pillars: physical, neurochemical, and mental emotional. Putting together these 3 pillars in your self care system, you will see and experience the continual and Global Healing changes in your physiology, psychology and overall biology day by day. 

Pillar #1: Physical 

The Body and Mind having the fuel to express a vitalistic life.  A life that has the ability to move freely through the world with Energy, Immunity, Strength, Agility and Flexibility. 


Pillar #2: NeuroChemical

The Body’s internal ability to power and nourish itself the critical abilities responsible for Higher Brain Chemistry, hormone production, fertility, digestion, nutrient absorption, waste elimination, and a superior immunity.  

Pillar #3 Mental/ Emotional 

The healthier the brain and nervous system are, the better we are able to transcend accumulated mental and emotional stresses, given the healthy tools to do so.  

Physical- 101

The Body is the store house of vitality, and with a healthy functioning Body, the Mind and the Creative Energies of manifestation have the ability to shine through. 

When it comes to your physical health, the Body takes on the shape of our behaviors over time. The Body and Mind is a living and responsive vessel that learns and is impressed by experience. Our muscle tone, bones, tendons and ligaments, are only as strong (or weak) as our previous behaviors had nourished them to be. 

So if someone is sitting all day, the Body will do no more than is required to sit. In reality, you will probably notice that most people hunch over and round their spine over time not even meeting the demands needed to sit in a healthy way. That is because gravity is always acting on our bodies and the spine.  And without expansion and growth, the spine and skeletal system that is designed to be fully upright and antigravity will collapse under the stress. 

The Body is a very powerful network that is interlinked with every other system of the body.  From the muscles to the spine to the organs to the brain.  And just as much as you can change the Body via the Mind you can change the Mind via the Body and its expression.  So When it comes to the physical aspect of Your-Body, movement and activation of this Energetic communication network for the Body to the Mind is Key. 

NeuroChemically – 101

The NeuroChemical system of the Body feeds us the vital fuel we need.  This vital fuel is your digestion, immunity, hormones and neurochemistry.  

The key to NeuroChemical mastery is to strengthen the organs and glands systems  of the Body.  As the organs and glands of the Body regain their strength and vitality they are able to eliminate the toxicity and create the essential nutrients that will feed back into the organs, glands, muscles and Mind for vitality and regeneration.

At the highest level, the Body operates through sensory-inputs and motor-outputs. 

Inputs support our state of nutrition absorption and awareness of ourselves with the environment.  While outputs are there to support our physical movements, actions and systems of detoxification and waste elimination.  When the Body doesn’t receive or is unable to absorb adequate nutrients, the Body and Mind experience deficiency or too little of something. When the Body is unable to get rid of waste properly, the Body and Mind experience toxicity or too much of something.

Aging and dis-ease are a result of the combination of deficiency and toxicity.  An Imbalance of this kind creates excessive inflammation and oxidative stress (cancer) in the Body. Therefore, any strategy to combat aging and dis-ease must address these!

This Key step feeds you the essential nutrients for a strong and robust digestive, immune and hormone system.    


Mental/ Emotional – 101

The Gut and the brain are connected in such a unique way.  The Gut is literally considered the Second Brain of the Body.  The healthier the heart, organs and glands, the better neurochemistry and brain waves the Body and Mind are fed.  And the healthier the Body and Mind are, the better we are able to process everyday accumulated mental-emotional stresses, given the healthy tools to do so. 

As you activate the higher Gut-Brian centers, the Body Mind systems open up to communicate and integrate with healthy energetic-neurochemistry.  This clear network supplies us the balance, strength and vitality needed to process our mental and emotional state.  It is this innate Strength and Power that has no limits and no boundaries, where we express our gifts to the world, and change our life and health from the inside out. 

When Gut-Brian communication is in dis-stress and Dis-ease. The Mental and Emotional ability to develop, process life’s choices, learn, and let go of past traumas, is shadowed by mental fatigue, brain fog, confusion and immune deficiencies.  

By applying Healing Techniques to the systems of the body.  The Body and Mind provide the neurochemistry and the brain waves to support new development.  This Physical restoration of the Body and Mind gives Mental and Emotional tools like: Mindfulness/meditation, Hypnosis, NLP, Emotional Freedom, Neuro-Emotional, Reiki, other Energy based Techniques, and Plant medicines, a strong foundation to awaken and move One out of PTSA, coping mechanisms and reactions that can create dis-harmony in one’s life .