Emotional – 101

Oct 26, 2020 | Thrive

Your mind is a powerful tool. Every thought we have corresponds with a muscle contraction and a movement. Your strength, flexibility, and endurance are all connected with your mind, your emotions, and your thoughts.

To illustrate this, consider the phase “I can”, “I will”, “I am able too” vs’ “I can’t”, and “I’m incapable of”.  When you say, “I can”, the muscles of the body will hold strength and endurance in their actions comparable to the task. When you say, “I can not”  the muscles of the body will show up strong for a sec and then start fatiguing out extremely quick succumbing to the task.

Have you ever wished you understood your own mind –  including your thoughts, emotions and feelings? Many clients come seeking a solution to their anxiety or depression or some other experience related to mental and emotional suffering.

We often feel like victims in our own lives, stuck in an internal battle with our own minds. I’m sure you have heard about the power of the mind and emotions to shape our lives, but who has actually learned how to master their minds, to understand the true nature of the mind? I observe that as a culture, we just have not been given the tools and proper education to master these aspects of ourselves.

All of us inherit a way of viewing ourselves and the world from our families and culture long before we are fully self-aware. Very often, we emerge into adolescence and adulthood with ideas that really do not belong to us.

Many of us struggle for years with chaotic and disempowering inner dialogue, seeking therapy, medication, and our higher power to help.  These can provide some relief, but the end game solution is to understand the nature of our own minds and shift ourselves into a new state of powerful brain chemistry.

As you activate the higher brain centers of the body and the mind you start moving into transformation and unification, are now sensing the vitalistic power within you.  It is this innate Strength and Power that has no limits and has no boundaries where we express all our gifts of the world.  Site1 Site2 Site3 Site4