STRESS – 101

Oct 26, 2020 | Thrive

When it comes to STRESS its all about where that stress is coming form and how that stress uses up your energy.

There are 2 different types of stresses.  External and Internal:

  1. External:
    1.  stresses happen to you from the out side.  A fall, a car accident, a break, over training, sleeping wrong, sitting at your desk all day can all be types of External stresses.  They can create pain, ache, or feeling of or tightness in the muscles bones ligament and tendons of the body depending on the severity and duration of the stress.
  2. Internal
    1. Stresses that a occurring inside the Organ, Gland, Cardiovascular Vascular, Neurological, and Immune systems.  Swelling, fever, bloating and nausea of the internal body will create a Tenderness to touch, Body aches and pains, headaches, migraines, and referral pains to the external body.

How fast the body recovers from the Stress is always based on your bodies General adaptive Potential.

The GPA is How much stress can you handle over a period of time.

Little stress with a strong body, one can take on that stress for a long time.

Little stress with a weak body, one can take on that stress for a shorter period of time.

Compound that stress with time and that stress will grow with strength and intensity. Eventually the stress will overcome your own personal ability to adapt to the stress.  When that happens you loose the adequate amount of Fuel to grow and develop.  The body will then start degenerating over time faster then its biological age.

The body goes through 3 phases of degeneration. The first is Alarm or Reacting to the stress.  The bodies response is Quick to fire and Fast to recover. Example being: Some one gives you surprising jab in the arm. Or you eat something that tastes nasty.

The second is Adaptive.  The body is quick to Fire and slower to recover.  Example being: some one gives you a hard jab in the arm or repeatedly hits you in the arm before you can React, leaving a symptom of some sort.  Or you eat something that has poison in it and you get food poisoning.  Leaving you out for the count for a couple days.

The last is exhaustion or Post traumatic stress response.  The body is quick to fire and Fast to fatigue and long to recover. Example being.  The same guy that hit you yesterday and left one heck of a mark. Comes up behind you and hits you again. This time brushing the muscle so bad you can’t lift it.  Or you have a preexisting Autoimmune disease that has been just under the radar, and you get food poisoning again but this time it was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and you get IBS.