The 3 MOST Common Food Questions

Oct 25, 2020 | Thrive

How to Prepare Your food

Your foods can be eaten raw, juiced, cooked, and dried! The rule of thumb is not to eat raw foods versus cooked foods. The rule of thumb is to eat “Clean Food” that is nutrient rich and ripe.

The kitchen tools that I used daily are a juicer, a hand blender with good attachments, a large noodle pot and a large sauce pan.  I recommend cooking with wooden cooking utensils. Use a water filter that at least removes the fluoride and solids out of your drinking water.

Listen to your intuition and cook with the flavors and the style you love.  I love Indian flavors, Mexican flavors, and Chinese flavors! I have spices for many styles of flavors.  Don’t be afraid to experiment.  Some days you will nail it and others you not want to eat what you made.  Those days are the worst because you have very nutritious food that tastes horrible.  But you learn, laugh,  and move on!

Try your foods raw, juiced, and cooked.  Sauté your veggies with veggie broth or cashew based butters, instead of veggie oils and dairy butter.  Boil your starches like potatoes and noodles! Juice or blend at least 2-3 times per week.  Dark Green Leafy Salads are amazing when you really learn how to make them! Whatever is most filling and satisfying. Do it!

How Much

When we have toxins in our body, we have deficiency in nutrition.  When we bring Energy back into the body again, the toxins will begin to exit the body.  When you eat, give yourself permission to eat and give yourself permission to stop when you want to stop.  No more counting calories. As you increase nutrition and eliminate toxins you will experience more energy which can be used for growth and repair (sleep and activity).

Depending on your individual requirements, some days your meals may equal about 10 cups of food and other days 5 cups.  Some days you may fast and don’t eat at all. But remember, you are the authority so listen to yourself above all else.

How Often

In the beginning of this journey work on getting  a morning, noon and evening plan going. Most of us have been starving nutritionally and energetically for years and now we are going to restore ourselves back that vitality.  Try eating veggie juices and whole fruits in the morning and the afternoon.  In the evening prepare a traditional cooked meal.