The Top 2 Most Destructive/Inflammatory Foods

Oct 25, 2020 | Thrive

Let’s talk about the ingredients that are the biggest causes of inflammation and toxicity in the body.  You may be shocked to learn that the foods listed here are harming you. After all, they are very much promoted from our Standard American Diet – you know the food pyramid we all learn in school.

I urge you to try everything out for yourself because you are the authority of your wellbeing and your own experience is the most powerful evidence! I invite all my clients to remove these foods from their daily life so they can experience first hand the differences in how they feel.

#1 Dairy

Dairy is so delicious – so creamy! It’s hard to imagine your favorite foods without it. After all, milk, cheese, and butter is added to almost all of our baked goods, comfort and party foods. To this day, it saddens me that I will never have that pizza again from the hole-in-the-wall that has the best pizza EVER!

We are taught that “Milk Does the Body Good”, and that our bones will shatter without it!  Unfortunately, the truth is, the cost of consuming dairy is very high in terms of inflammation in the body. Humans are omnivores, and can subsist on a variety of foods. But we aren’t aiming for mere subsistence or survival here! We want you to thrive!

So what’s the problem with Dairy?

Dairy is very hard for the body to digest resulting in the depletion of valuable energy and hormones. While your body can use it to extract carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, there is an extremely high cost. Long term dairy consumption creates deficiency and toxicity and is often accompanied by allergies and metabolic collapses of vital organs.  Have you ever wondered why so many Americans have lower back stiffness? Dairy plays a big role. As the body gets overwhelmed by toxicity it begins reacting to everything in an attempt to rid itself of the burden.  This reaction of the immune system causes inflammation of the Ascending and Descending colon, referring the PAIN to the lower back.  Just like an inflamed Gallbladder will give you right upper trapezius and shoulder pain.

In general, milk is only meant to be fed to infant animals (not adults) to provide the vital nutrients to build their developing immune system and gut Ecosystem.  The antibodies, enzyme content, and hormones of cows milk was meant for the gut biome of a cow, not a human.

Consider also for a moment that cows are fed the same toxic substances that are next on the list. So when you drink cow’s milk, you are getting those toxins in concentrated form. The cows are experiencing the same toxicity that we are and the milk they produce affects your immunity with pus, phlegm, and inflammation (like when you have a sinus/ allergy infection). Site1 Site1 Site2 Site3

#2 Wheat, and Soy

Of all of the toxins in our foods, 80% of them come from Wheat and Soy.  There are 2 things to be aware of when it comes to this type of inflammation.

The soil these products are grown in is fertilized with petroleum; basically left over oil manufacturing waste and bio-sludge. Site1

The fields and the germinated seeds are saturated in Glyphosate from the moment of germination to hours after harvest. Site1

These two products result in nutrient deficient soil and thus nutrient deficient plants.   The Glyphosate that is sprayed on the plants are also a neurotoxin and deteriorates your intestinal tract (literally looking like Swiss cheese).

And since wheat, and soy are included in nearly all prepackaged foods, Americans are slowly being poisoned. Causing deactivation of the nervous system structures, decreasing communication and ability to heal and regenerate effectively. Site1